Reconstruction of an amazing mountain cottage with 8 luxury apartments in the Jizera Mountains is complete and our LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system with clever regulation has been in operation here for several months. After each of our installations, we evaluate the outputs, communicate with the customer and fine-tune the details so that the system works as our customer requires and expects. And we will now be happy to share these outputs with you.

Jizerské hory larx uhlikove folie jablotron rozvadec

Part I and part II.

As we wrote before, the former mountain cottage Dřevona Hrabětice has undergone a complete reconstruction. In short, only the envelope remained of the building and the interior got a completely new look. It was divided into seven apartments and common areas. Because each apartment occupant has different temperature requirements and each apartment will be used differently, we have made the heating systems and their regulation completely independent, which is one of the great advantages of our heating system.

We are platinum partners of the Czech company Jablotron. We often use solutions using their products and we especially like the MyJablotron mobile application. That is why we have based the regulation of heating and security of individual apartments on the Jablotron 100 system. It provides us with a configurable and reliable background for connecting carbon heating films and our customers simple, yet detailed local and remote control of heating and security.

Jizerské hory larx uhlikove folie termokamera jablotron regulace

Carbon films have the advantage of fast and precise controllability. In the event of a control intervention, the foil changes its temperature almost immediately. The more important is the correctly set regulation. Then our heating system is highly efficient, economical and comfortable. From the discussion and cooperation with the inhabitants of the flats in the cottage, we created the following three cases when tuning the regulation:

Apartment with a permanent resident
specific control settings, individual air and floor temperatures in the presence and absence, symbiosis of the heating and security system, own system logic

An apartment where residents take turns
standard settings, values ​​according to standards, simplicity of operation and emphasis on the possibilities of regulation adjustment

Common areas
sharing, the ability to control all residents, tempering, a higher degree of automation

Výhodou našeho systému a zvolené regulace je velká modularita. Na žádost zákazníka jsme na vzdálené ovládání připojili například také ovládání sauny nebo kontrolu teplot technologického vybavení. Také se dozví o výpadku napájení v budově, následném napájení našich důležitých technologií ze záložního zdroje a o dalších událostech.

The advantage of our system and the chosen regulation is great modularity. At the customer’s request, we have also connected, for example, sauna control or temperature control of technological equipment to the remote control. They will also learn about power outages in the building, the subsequent power supply of our important technologies from a backup source and other events.

Of course, there is a security camera system and measurement of energy consumption for individual apartments and common areas.

Jizerské hory

Although the cottage is located in the cold core of the Jizera Mountains, the responses of residents to our LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system are enthusiastic and positive. The system managed to quickly heat the cottage after the reconstruction without any problems. In the absence of the inhabitants of the cottage, the cottage is tempered, before arrival it starts the district heating and heats comfortably even in the cold outside. Our company LARX s.r.o. delivered smart technologies and smart heating tailored to individual requirements for the investor. If you are interested in our system more, take a look at our website and do not hesitate to send us an inquiry!