In the last article – We installed LARX-CARBON.FILM.COM heating system in a recreational building in the Jizera Mountains, we introduced you to our project, which is a great example of the use of carbon heating films in the beautiful surroundings of the Jizera Mountains.

Currently, the heating system is in operation, is connected and only finishing work is in progress.

Installation of LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system with carbon films is a fast matter, but this does not mean that there is no need for experience and precision at work.

Jizerské hory

Laying films alone is only a small part of the total work. The basis is a high quality project, which we process ourselves or in cooperation with the investor and is always completely tailor-made. It includes drawings, heat loss calculations, performance, dimensions and location of individual strips of film – all this is necessary for the system to meet the requirements of our customers one hundred percent. Furthermore, of course, we cooperate with other professions on construction readiness, concurrence and coordination of work. Because it is electric heating, we are especially interested in the preparation of high-current distribution, which we always solve well in advance of the start of construction.

 Once the preparation is done, we “put on our overalls”, we go to install the heating system. At this stage, we have three main tasks:
  1. guarantee precise design
  2. check the fidelity of the project and the requirements of the investor
  3. draw up a rich documentation of the actual implementation

Precise design – carbon heating films are a system that is proven, has a long service life and is maintenance-free. However, the quality of the design must correspond to this. Because we move between the films on a daily basis, we know this heating system perfectly, we have all the potential pitfalls of the installation captured, and we always carry out the physical assembly itself, so we can completely guarantee the perfect execution of the installation. We supply the heating film heating system completely as a tailor-made service. Everything is subject to constant quality control. Whatever the project, the quality of our work always corresponds as if the heating with foils were to serve us, at home.

Loyalty to the project and the requirements of the investor – the project is a crucial thing for a fully functional heating system. Therefore, it is essential that all work proceeds exactly according to the project. However, there are situations where the investor’s request or an unpredictable complication forces us to modify the project. Of course, we are ready for that too. The designer who prepared the individual project is on the construction site, the changes are made in real time and there is no construction delay.

Complete documentation of the actual design – during the entire implementation, we record everything, do ongoing photo documentation and check the design. We then hand over the documentation to the customer. All this is invaluable for additional modifications or intervention in the system. Do you need to anchor to the floor where the films are? You will always find the actual condition and location of the foils in the documentation. Part of this documentation is also photo documentation from the thermal camera. It is an indispensable helper, it immediately confirms the correct functionality of the foils, whether they are just laid or already covered by the floor or embedded in concrete.

Each of our projects meets these three points, and it is no different in our implementation of a recreational facility in the Jizera Mountains. After laying and connecting the films, we started the next phase – installation and connection of residential wiring cabinets with all the necessary elements (circuit breakers, contactors, protective elements, etc.). This part is the least visible to the user, on the contrary, the last phase is essential for him – controls and thermostats. In the previous article, we outlined that we offer more regulation options, based on the detailed requirements of the investor. In this project, we designed and installed the currently popular control system using the Jablotron 100 system, which combines heating and control into one remotely controllable system. The user thus has an overview of the condition of the apartment anytime and anywhere, from the point of view of safety, faults and heating. We are a long-term installation partner of Jablotron and we always set up the system according to the user’s wishes so that he always has everything simply, easily and clearly in the application on his phone. We like modern technologies, especially smart heating control. We use exclusively our tried and tested smart systems and thermostats, Jablotron 100 and Google Nest smart thermostat. We adapt both systems for use on underfloor heating. The biggest strength of these systems is the innovative application for remote smart heating control. In the case of Jablotron, the main advantage is the connection with the certified security system Jablotron 100.

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