Smart house management saves on heating costs

Our company was given a chance to prove the potential of a smart home and at the same time its expertise. We were approached to implement online intelligent heating control. It was an apartment building with 36 residential units.


Thermocamera measurement

Professional work is not possible without specialized tools

The installation of heating films has several phases – project, laying of foils and wiring, installation of controls and thermostats, documentation of the actual design. Because precision and quality of execution are fundamental goals for us, in all these phases we use tools and equipment that will help us to do so.

Realizujeme vytápění rekreačního objektu v Jizerských horách

We installed LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system in a recreational building in the Jizera Mountains

Carbon films have recently became a very popular type of heating. Their suitability not only for family houses proves our project of a heating  system for a recreational apartment building in the Jizera Mountains, which we are currently implementing.

The heated building is the former guest house Dřevona in Hrabětice, in a beautiful setting in the heart of the Jizera Mountains. It is a typical mountain hut, partly even made of stone and timbered. As is customary in these areas, above the first floor there is a roof with a large slope, in which there are two more floors. The fact that there are freezing winters was also one of the decisive reasons for carbon films.

Jizerské hory

How does carbon heating film work?

LARX s.r.o. installs modern and efficient heating with electric carbon heating films. Due to the growing number of inquiries and mistakes spread among the public, we decided to write a clear technical article for our customers about how radiant heating and carbon films really work.

Radiant heating – three types of heat dissipation

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