Professional work is not possible without specialized tools

The installation of heating films has several phases – project, laying of foils and wiring, installation of controls and thermostats, documentation of the actual design. Because precision and quality of execution are fundamental goals for us, in all these phases we use tools and equipment that will help us to do so.

Realizujeme vytápění rekreačního objektu v Jizerských horách

One of the most interesting tools is a thermocamera. Without it, we cannot imagine a quality installation of heating foils. The real-time display shows the temperature map of the assessed shot, color-coded according to temperatures and with the possibility to request the exact temperature of any place.

It is a valuable tool in all stages of installation:

1. Project phase. When creating a project, it helps us to assess in detail the building, the heated object.

2. Laying films. We offer different types of foil exactly according to the individual project of each customer. For example, durable carbon foils, which are installed under concrete or anhydrite, are temporarily heated immediately after installation and inspected in detail with a thermocamera. We verify the joints, wires and foils themselves before and after casting. In this way we achieve quality installations, often despite demanding conditions on the construction site.

3. Controls and thermostats. After the heated floors are finished, we prepare the regulation and install the thermostats. Thanks to the thermocamera, we can easily assess whether the floors and coverings have been made correctly, check the heating rate and the conditions of the first heating.

4.Documentation. During the entire process of installation, in all phases we store and assess photos from the thermocamera, then we hand over the documentation of the actual design to the customer.

Because we like modern technology, we currently use a thermal camera with automatic synchronization to the project cloud. Thanks to this, designers, construction technicians and fitters always have up-to-date information and the investor will always find the latest documentation here. If a problem happens somewhere, we are able to solve it immediately and without delay in construction, to the satisfaction of our customer.