We have recently completed the implementation of the LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system in two flats in an apartment building in Nový Jičín.

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One of the biggest advantages of the LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system is its minimum thickness. In the composition of the floor takes up only minimal space and heating films are thus suitable for all reconstructions of apartments and houses, where the height of the floor cannot be increased. This was one of the main reasons why the owner of 2 flats in a smaller apartment building in Nový Jičín aproached to us. His wishes were the comfort and well-being of underfloor heating, but he could not use water heating systems due to the very low composition of the floor.

In total, we installed over 80 square meters of our LARX durable carbon film, with a total output of 12 kW, divided into 6 heating zones in two apartments within two days (implementation was divided into 2 stages). The regulation of the heating system was used by the customer of his choice. We understand that the methods we offer to regulate heating foils may not suit everyone. We are thus assisting our customers and their electricians in re-assembling their own ways of regulating carbon heating films. The heating foils are switched in a 0/1 manner, ie they either heat or do not heat. There is no regulation of, for example, flowing current or voltage. All that is needed to control the heating film is for the thermostats (or control system) to have a floor sensor. This monitors the temperature of the tread so that it does not exceed the values ​​specified in the standard.

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Are you interested in our implementation of the LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system? Do not hesitate and send us your project via the contact form and we will price the heating system for you without obligation.