Last month we installed the LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system in a newly built family house in Řeporyje, a district of Prague.

Customer satisfaction with the LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system and our work is very important to us. That’s why we were pleased when the owner of the building where we have already implemented the heating film contacted us with the fact that he is implementing another project. And heating other than our carbon film is out of the question. For apartment and condominium renovations, there is no more suitable underfloor heating solution than carbon heating film. Thanks to their thickness of up to 1 mm, they do not increase the floor composition and thus underfloor heating can be implemented even where this was not previously an option. The difference in comfort between heating with local heaters (radiators, direct-fired heaters…) and heating film is considerable. This was one of the reasons why our customers have contacted us several times for the implementation of a heating system.

In total, we installed 123 m² of our LARX durable carbon heating film in the new building in one day, divided into 10 heating circuits. The heating system is controlled by a Jablotron electronic security system. The Jablotron security system is a unique solution combining building security and heating control. The owner has everything that happens in the building and its surroundings under control in one single application.

Are you interested in the LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system? Do not hesitate to send us your project via the contact form and together we will find a suitable solution.