Although carbon films are an innovative technology in their own self, they are also evolving. Innovations are absolutely essential for our company and we want to offer our customers quality, efficient and 100% functional products. We have devoted the maximum possible amount of time and effort to the selection of LARX carbon foil production technology. Of course, we have all our products installed in our own properties. Thanks to this, we know what these technologies are in real operation, and we guarantee them 100%.

LARX odolná uhlíková fólie uhlikove folie

The vast majority of carbon foils are currently produced in South Korea. That’s why we went there. South Korea is not only a very technologically advanced country in the world, it also has much higher labor productivity than most of Europe. We visited dozens of production plants for underfloor heating and carbon films (these technologies are largely taken over by Russia, the USA and the northern part of Asia). We have tried different manufacturers and their products. Together with the most innovative (in our opinion) South Korean manufacturer, we have developed LARX durable carbon film, directly tuned for the European market and the requirements of the local market. Thanks to its construction, durability and stability, it is suitable for family houses and large development projects.


LARX durable carbon film has a unique double lamination. Quality lamination is one of the key processes in the production of carbon film. It protects the film from mechanical damage, moisture and is the main load-bearing element of all film components. If the lamination is well made, it guarantees a long life of the film even in demanding conditions.

Our films have two layers of lamination – layers of PET and PE lamination and combine the advantages of both materials and provide especially excellent insulation against moisture and electricity.


Thermal stability

Stable and even temperature distribution is often a hallmark of quality carbon films. Modern films, such as our LARX carbon resistant film, use CNT technology for carbon deposition. CNT stands for carbon nanotubes. Unlike the older “carbon black” technology, CNT prevents local overheating and contributes to temperature stability over time.

CNT CNT graf


Compared to conventional methods, radiant (infrared) heating has many positive effects on health. Radiant heating like the sun primarily heats structures and objects, so a lower air temperature is enough for the same thermal comfort. This is more natural for humans, there are also fewer harmful microorganisms in the air. As can be seen in the pictures below, with carbon films, the temperature distribution in the room is more even and the movement of the air is slower, there is no swirling of dust.


Other advantages

There are many other advantages to choosing the LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system:

  • Low acquisition costs
  • Minimum operating costs
  • No space requirements
  • Fast implementation process
  • Maintenance-free comfort system

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