We bring you a short article about the implementation of the LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system in a family house on the outskirts of Prague with remote control using Jablotron mobile app.

larx uhlikove folie instalace

It is natural to want to feel comfortable in your new home. Our customer also followed this when he ordered the complete implementation of the LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system from us, including remote control via Jablotron mobile app.

The investor requested remote control using a mobile application. The decision was therefore made to regulate the heating system using Jablotron. This control option is simple, clear and user-friendly. The customer can therefore turn the heating on, for example, when leaving work through the application, so that a pleasant warmth from the floor awaits him at home.

EZS aplikace larx uhlikove folie

Unfortunately, Jablotron thermostats do not completely cover the entire installation box. However, we often encounter this problem, so we have our own elegant solution in the form of frames printed on a 3D printer according to our own design, which will easily solve this problem.

larx uhlíkové fólie regulace jablotron

Are you in the process of choosing the heating system in your house? Do not hesitate and send us your project via the contact form and together we will find a suitable solution.